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About Us

The Loghill Village Park and Recreation District owns and manages 488 acres of open space in Loghill Village Units 1 and 4, as well as recreational facilities, including ten miles of trails, several parking areas, and the Inspiration Point picnic pavillion. The District serves residents and property owners of Greater Loghill Village and visitors to the area. Trails are open to everyone but please note that wheeled vehicles, such as bicycles and dirt bikes, are not allowed on the trails.

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The Park and Rec District is a Title 32 Special District  which was formed in 1995 to acquire LHV Unit 1 lot A-1 (where the fire station is now located). That lot was supposed to be reserved for government use but the developer wanted to sell the sixty-acre parcel as a high-end home site. The community regarded the lot, and the meadow just east of the fire station, as a neighborhood resource and objected, hence the District formed to acquire it. A petition to form the District was submitted to the BOCC and they formed it by resolution 1995-058.

The District was unable to acquire lot A-1 (the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District eventually purchased it and kept most of it in public ownership). The open space land in Unit 1 was acquired in September 1997 by means of quit claim deeds from the subdivision developers.

The District board then shifted its purpose to maintaining and developing recreational use of the park lands and the current trail system was begun.  The work to develop the trails was performed by Board members and volunteers.  The original trails developed consisted of the Escarpment Path, Elk Run, Elk Meadow Loop, Deer and Oak.  Also, the Inspiration Point area and pavillion were developed along the Escarpment Trail.

The twenty acre lot A-18, adjacent to the Fire District lot A-1, was a gift to the District from a resident in 2001. The open space land in Unit 4 was acquired in 2016.

Within the last 10 years the original trail system has been enhanced.  A link was made to the Elk Run Trail where it now crosses Ponderosa Drive by the Mail Kiosk.  Steps were installed on both sides of Ponderosa, a trail developed across the Meadow, a bridge built over the drainage culvert and more trail developed connecting to the Escarpment Trail.  Two completely new additions to the trail system are Red-tail Trail and Lupine Trail.  The District contracted with a professional trail construction company for these trails.

Currently most of the land available for trails has been built out and the ongoing activities of the District include monitoring the condition and upkeep of the park lands, kiosk, benches and trails.

Mountain vista from Inspiration Point, May 2014
Panorama from Inspiration Point